Our In-House Design projects are works that we do for ourselves in order to further sharpen our skills. Whether it's digital or physical design projects, by being our own clients we get explore different design styles, practice different methods of presentation, and get hand-on experience with applications that we wouldn't have time to explore.

Here are a few of the things that we've done for ourselves:

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Redefining the Exhibitor Space: Our Calgary Expo Exhibitor Booth

The Artist Alley at the Calgary Expo tends to be about exhibitors showing off everything that they have to offer, with artists backed by curtains representing a lifetime of work. We wanted to give our guests a different experience, building a display that put art in front of artist, curating the work to include only the most recent and relevant collection. The booth took into consideration how to be visible through the crowds, and how attendees would be travelling the aisles, while retaining the styling from our website.

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Getting Down with the Kings: 5 Kings Marketing

5 Kings is an event put on by a group of friends, brought together by a love of hip hop and dance. Other local events had been organized through Facebook, but the group had big dreams to become a world-class event, attracting competitors and dance guests from around the world. In order to boost the legitimacy of what the group was doing, they needed a marketing package that helped them stand out among the crowd. We put together a marketing theme, an event website, and interviewed some of the guests in order to help give them a professional presence.

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It's 2PM Somewhere: Teatime Circus

Teatime Circus is the personal blog of Christina, and is an exploration of the world through food, fitness, style, and the enjoyment of life. An outlet for practicing creative writing, photography, and social media management, Teatime Circus is Christina's opportunity to continue to explore the world of writing through more than just copy.

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Modern Classics: Brush Pen Calligraphy

As a crossroads between art and copy, calligraphy has quickly become a skill that's proven handy in generating assets for our projects and understanding the world of fonts and typefaces. A skill that had been introduced to us in elementary school, it's something that we were glad to be able to continue to practice and experiment with in our designs.

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Pen and Stylus: Traditional Art and Illustration

Art and illustration will always have a very special place in our hearts as the first form of design that we engaged in as a Studio. Our continued dedication to art and illustration teaches us how traditional art theory can help enhance design. Through experimentation with styles, methods, tools and applications, we're able to continually push our designs forward.