Hank's Hammering BBQ Sauce is a grassroots, charitable organization started by two friends united by a love of BBQ and a desire to give back to a cause that was very important to them. They needed a brand logo that captured the intensity of their story, while honouring the efforts of the men and women who inspired them to start selling their own brand of BBQ sauce.

Like the creators of Hank's, we were inspired to create a logo that honoured the brand's story, creating a design that carried the weight of the creator's conviction, as well as their fire and passion for the cause. It was also important to reflect the rustic, homegrown personality of the creators.  The logo was designed for printing on their product jars and was later adapted for use across Hank's social media platforms.

Tools & Technologies 

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

Golden Optical Flyers
Golden Webpage