Three Ways to Make Your Customers Care

If you’re looking for ways to improve your brand experience, it’s likely that you’ve gone through the process of thinking about your core principles and looking for design specialists.  You’ve made tons of plans, and worked out a system that works for you, but what about your clients?  Have you factored in what they like and want in your plans?  We speak with a lot of clients who have very clear visions of what they want, but have no idea who their clients are or how they behave.

While we always recommend taking some time to get to know your clients and research their behaviour, here are three things you can start doing right now to improve your customer experience.

Personalize the Experience

Creating a memorable customer experience is built on creating a relationship with your client.  We all want to feel special, so take the time to treat your clients like real people.  If you’re asking your clients to sign up or log in for a service, use the information collected to make the experience special for that user.  Personalize pages with the user’s first name, show them events that are near their locations, and take the steps to build that relationship. Start personalizing the experience for your clients, and you’ll find they’ll be more receptive to engaging in your website.

Make Friends

Since the nature of the customer experience is in building relationships, it’s become more important for businesses to start treating their clients like your friends.  While your clients are taking time to share things about themselves with you, remember that it’s okay to share things with them too.  Share stories and events.  Share things that are key identity pieces for your brand.  Most importantly, celebrate your successes and bring your clients along with you.  They’ll appreciate the recognition, and stick with you in the long run.

Be Relevant and Timely

Being relevant and timely is as much about making sure that your content and offers are seasonally appropriate as they are about taking your client’s needs into consideration.  If you have clients around the world, be cognizant of the difference in time zones when sending out newsletters to avoid things going out in the middle of the night.  Give your clients ample notice of any events that you’re hosting, as well as sending out friendly reminders a few days ahead of time.  With advance notice, more clients will make time to attend, and possibly bring some friends along too.

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