Say What? UI vs UX vs CX

When it comes to determining how to improve your brand’s overall experience, it’s easy to get caught up in the jargon. Do you need some UI help? How about onboarding a UX specialist? Maybe we should get someone to focus on the CX? If your head is spinning with what all these abbreviations mean, here’s a short primer.

UI: User Interface

UI stands for User Interface, and it refers to the visual appearance of the thing you’re interacting with. The user interface is the “front-end” part of a website or app that users see. These designers are often confused with graphic designers because they are concerned with the graphical elements of a design. Colours, fonts, shapes and images are all elements of the user interface.

UX: User Experience

UX stands for User Experience, and it refers to how users think and feel about using a website or app. The user experience of something is usually based in the creation of case studies of human behaviour.  Building these personas include researching how users have been trained to interact with devices.  The role of the user experience designer includes ensuring that any new experiences feel natural.

CX: Customer Experience

CX stands for Customer Experience, and refers to how users experience brands as a whole. Everything from email newsletters to billboard ads, websites and social media fall under the realm of CX.  While this usually is associated with marketing, it’s important to remember that anything you use to sell to your clients is essentially part of your marketing materials. There are so many touch points for your users and your brand, and the realm of customer experience encompasses them all.

How Do I Know if I Need UI, UX, or CX Help?

While all these categories look clear cut, these categories don’t function well without each other. A good UI designer should be able to look at colour palettes and come up with reasonable user personas. A good UX designer should think about the human story behind decisions, as well as think about how all of this fits into your overall marketing strategy. A good CX specialist should be able to tell your brand story with colour and ensure that the experience matches the way you’ve told your story to date.

The important thing when deciding on what you need and choosing a specialist is to ask them the right questions.  How does this tell our brand story? How does this voice our core values? And lastly, how does this speak to our target market?  By asking your specialist to explain their decisions, you’ll be able to see if their designs really are doing what you need them to, and you’ll be on your way to improving your overall brand experience.

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