What on Earth is Branding? The Brand Identity and Awareness Series

Branding is one of those marketing terms that gets kicked around a lot these days.  You’ll see it in ads for marketing agencies and online blogs, encompassing everything from logos to company values.  While it seems like “branding” should be a topic that’s pretty easy to understand, it’s become a catch all for anything and everything that has even a remote effect on a brand’s sense of self.

With the myriad of things that could fall into the branding category, it’s pretty hard to sift through what’s worth focusing on, and what can wait for another time.  This is especially important if you want to make the most of a limited budget, or a short timeline.  Wouldn’t it be nice to just focus on one or two things that would get you 99% of the way there?

Well, you’re in luck, and this series of articles is for you.

In this series, we break down branding into digestible parts, covering what we consider to be the three most important elements of branding.

Part 1 – How Do I Raise Brand Awareness

Part 2 – Create a Professional Business Website the Empowers Your Brand

Part 3 – An Easy Tip to Build a Quality Social Media Presence

Part 4 – Print Ins’t Dead.  Here’s Why.