Print Isn’t Dead. Here’s Why.

Welcome back!  We’re kicking off the new year with a new series on how to easily raise brand awareness.  This week, we’ll be covering something that’s often overlooked in today’s digital era: the need for unified physical brand presence.

So far, we’ve addressed the ways you can express your brand online, but what about how your clients experience your business offline and away from their smartphones or computers?

We’re just going to say it: print isn’t dead.  Not in a, “you can pry a print press from my cold dead hands,” kind of way, but in the sense that there are a lot of little things that we don’t often think about that are printed and consumed by your customers. Whether your business is to provide services to clients, or sell your products online, you will likely need business cards, packaging, shipping labels, letterhead or envelopes to run your business.  We’ve had one client recently tell us that they wanted a refresh of their business cards because they wanted to make sure that they could compete with the “big boys.”

Big players don’t think that print is dead, and neither should you.

Just like social media, you need to ensure that your print materials are themed and consistent with the rest of the way your brand is expressed.  Fortunately, if you’ve gone through the exercise of re-envisioning  your website and your social media accounts, you should be able to borrow some of those themes for anything that you’ve printed.  The important thing to remember is that you need to carry the themes of whatever you’ve put into place deliberately, or else you run the risk of making your paper materials look like an after thought, rather than a key part of your branding.

Need advice on how to pull your print materials together with your digital marketing efforts?  Let’s make this better for you. Contact us today about how we can help your customers and clients to take your brand seriously.