An Easy Tip to Build a Quality Social Media Presence

Welcome back!  We’re kicking off the new year with a new series on how to easily raise brand awareness.  This week, we’ll be looking at how to build a quality social media presence to better connect to your clients and customers.

For a lot of companies, social media management seems like something that’s reserved for big businesses that can dedicate whole departments to the exercise, or can contract out to someone else to do it for them.  While it’s true that social media has become a huge part of marketing your company, it’s important to recognize that it’s also a part of how your brand expresses itself, and can become a critical piece to how you choose to engage your clients.

Lots of marketers recommend treating the social media experience as having a conversation with your audience, and we would agree.  Social media can be an informal way to talk to people, take the pulse of the general population, and find out who your customers are. However, we would also add that you are having a conversation, and just because it’s online doesn’t mean you should act or present yourself in any way that’s inconsistent with how you would talk to them if you met them for coffee or in your store.

Beyond what you’d say or share with them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even LinkedIn, think about what people will see when they visit your profile.  Chances are, you set up your social media accounts at different times in your business’ lifetime, and the photos that you’re using are inconsistent.  Remember, you should present yourself in the same way you’d want your clients to see you at work, and that means dressing well, and theming your social media profiles appropriately.

Want to improve the quality of your social media?  Let’s talk about how it can be better. Contact us today to see how your social media can help your clients can help you present yourself professionally to your clients.