Create a Professional Business Website That Empowers Your Brand

Welcome back!  We’re kicking off the new year with a new series on how to easily raise brand awareness.  Check out our introduction to this series here, where we talk about what brand awareness means.

This week, we’ll be starting off with one of the biggest ways to make an impact: creating a professional business website to empower your brand.

No business exists without some sort of web presence any more, and whether you’ve created your own listing in Google+, set up a page on Facebook, or previously launched a website for your company, new and returning clients will be able to find you on the Internet with a simple search.  While setting up your web presence is usually one of the first rules of starting a business, if you’re looking to jumpstart your business this year, you need to consider how your website helps express your brand and communicates its message.

Brand expression sounds like a funny, marketing word, but it refers to how you as a business choose to tell people about your company and why you exist.  When we think about it that way, we can see how a website can help communicate that message, as we have the ability to tell people about who we are through copy, as well as show people what we’re all about through images.  It’s important to think about what words or images you put on your website, because you’re setting expectations for what your clients are going to receive from you.  We once worked with an arborist who’s website was filled with photos of the equipment they used to remove trees, which lead people to believe that they were resellers of hardware, rather than someone who could get rid of pesky stumps.

When looking to give your web presence a jolt for the new year, consider what you’re saying through the words and images you use on your site.  Take the time to think about why your clients come to visit you in real life or online, and what things they appreciate about that experience so you can communicate that on your website.  Most importantly, don’t get caught up in how you put your web presence together.  Whether you use WordPress or Wix isn’t going to stop clients from coming to visit you, so don’t get hung up on which technology is better, just choose the one that’s right for you and your clients.

Looking to empower your brand’s online presence?  Let’s chat about how your website could be better.  Contact us today to see how your website can help you boost sales and improve your brand’s recognition among clients.