How Do I Raise Brand Awareness?

Happy New Year, everyone!  2017 has arrived, and with it comes the perfect chance to renew our commitments to ourselves and refresh our purpose. As startups, entrepreneurs, and  businesses, the new year marks a rare opportunity to sit down and really plan out how we are going to create a better version of our business and improve on the successes of last year.

One thing to consider this year is how memorable your brand is to your audience, and whether those memories are good or bad experiences for them.  No longer just a logo or a slogan, brands today have evolved beyond just what people see on a billboard or a product package.  They’re living, breathing entity, just like any other person, and in framing brands that way, we begin to see that it’s necessary to treat brand awareness like building a relationship with your prospective clients.

Indeed, brands have become an experience unto themselves, with considerations like expression, messaging, engagement, and interaction coming into play.  How your brand presents itself online, how it interacts with clients through social media, and how continuous the message is in everything that it communicates is all part of how potential clients form opinions about your brand.

This all sounds incredibly daunting to put together, but it’s actually not.  Whether you’re just starting out, or looking to refresh your existing one, over the next few weeks, we’re going to show you three easy ways to kickstart your brand for the new year.

Thanks for reading along!  Check back next week, where we’ll be describing how you can effectively express your brand online.