Design Breakdown: How We Created This Eye Catching Event Poster

Design here at Studio C&G has always been about being honest, with our clients and with ourselves, in order to bring together something that clients really can get excited about.  Today, we’re going to be breaking down this eye catching event poster that we created recently for a local Calgary event. We’ll discuss some of the design choices we made, and give you some tips and things to think about the next time you’re putting something together for your own events.

5 Kings is an event that we’ve been happy to be a part of since its beginning five years ago.  A hip-hop dance competition featuring both local and international talent, 5 Kings has managed to remain a grassroots event hosted and promoted by a group of closely-knit friends. As this was 5 Kings’ 5th year, an anniversary commonly celebrated in the hip hop community, the team wanted to put on an event that would show the community what it meant to be king.

With those ideas, we set out to create an event poster that exuded nobility, while still remaining true to the rebellious nature of hip hop.  The idea of leaving a legacy, as the event itself had left on the community, came into play as well.  We decided that nothing short of a royal coat of arms would suffice to bring all of these ideas together.  Using the prominent figure of the king as the both the shield and helm of our design, we combined traditional supporters, like the lion and the unicorn, with event specific supporters like dancers, boomboxes, and stereo speakers.  The creation of the coat of arms took quite a few creative liberties, but was still rooted in the basics of heraldry.  This honoured the tradition of nobility while giving it an edge that complemented the event itself.

In terms of colour choice, purple has long been the accepted colour of nobility. In order to give it a bit of that rebellious twist, we created a geometric pattern that incorporated reds and golds, both royal colours in their own right, shattering through the traditional royal hues.  The coat of arms was layered on top of the background with different opacities to give the design depth, as well as play on the traditionally solid and flat nature of the coat of arms.

This event poster is both a nod to tradition, while also not being afraid to break the rules and do something unexpected.  By basing the core of the design on age old design principles, we were able to leverage something that would be familiar to most viewers and could be deciphered without too much explanation.  The use of non-traditional figures and rebellious elements helped make the design specific to the event, communicating what the event was actually about through graphics and colour.

Want to see how this type of design would work for your next event?  Contact us today to get started!