Bringing Focus To Your Web Designs – Part 5

Hey everybody!  Welcome to The fourth part of our series where we explore how to make your web designs work for you. Join Gabe in this fifth of five parts as we explore five simple tips to help simplify and bring focus back to your web designs!

It seems like everyone these days has a website–from grumpy cats to giant corporations, there’s a website for and by everyone–and you might be feeling left out not having
a space on the internet to call your own.  There’s plenty of tools out there to make your own website, but what really makes for a good design?  In this series, we’ll talk through our top five tips for focusing your design so you can have a website that you can be proud of.

Colour Usage

Our fifth step to bringing focus into your web designs is to choose and limit the colours we use. What? That’s nonsense! Colour is good! More colours, more pop! You may be thinking, but are the rainbows of colours you may want to introduce inline with your branding? Is it in theme with the message, event, or product that you are trying to show case? Colour theming your design to the message or brand is important, as it brings in consistency to your message and can help users focus on the fact that they are looking at the correct brand. Introducing too many colours could confuse the users and have them think that they are not looking at what they thought they are looking at, and in some cases, may even think they are looking at another brand’s work, yikes!

So the next time you are thinking about colour choices for your designs, keep in mind your colour usage and how it can compliment your branding and your message! It’s ok to be brave and introduce new colours, but make sure its consistent and compliment your branding’s colours! Thanks for joining us in our final part of this series! We hope that these tips help you bring focus to your next brilliant designs!

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