Bringing Focus To Your Web Designs – Part 4

Hey everybody!  Welcome to The fourth part of our series where we explore how to make your web designs work for you. Join Gabe in this fourth of five parts as we explore five simple tips to help simplify and bring focus back to your web designs!

It seems like everyone these days has a website–from grumpy cats to giant corporations, there’s a website for and by everyone–and you might be feeling left out not having
a space on the internet to call your own.  There’s plenty of tools out there to make your own website, but what really makes for a good design?  In this series, we’ll talk through our top five tips for focusing your design so you can have a website that you can be proud of.

Above the fold

Our fourth step to bringing focus into your web designs is to bring your main message above the fold. Wait what? Above the fold? Where does my smooth and stream line website fold? The fold, is actually everything above where you normally would have to scroll to see! That means that it’s a great idea to put your main message and perhaps even your most important call to action right in front of the user when your webpage loads. Sure, it might be cool or trendy to have a flashy full screen video, or a really beautiful background with a scroll down for more button, but this is about focus! Its great to have your purpose and primary message shown right out of the gate! This way users aren’t confused as to what you’re trying to offer, and they won’t have to see yet another generic full page video. This is not to say videos, or large banners are out of the question, just make sure they compliment your messaging and compliment any call to actions that you have planned.

So revisit some of your designs and Tetris your message up above the fold!  Join us next time for the final part of this series, where we’ll be talking about colours!

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