Bringing Focus To Your Web Designs – Part 2

Hey everybody!  Welcome to The second part of our series where we explore how to make your web designs work for you. Join Gabe in this second of five parts as we explore five simple tips to help simplify and bring focus back to your web designs!

It seems like everyone these days has a website–from grumpy cats to giant corporations, there’s a website for and by everyone–and you might be feeling left out not having
a space on the internet to call your own.  There’s plenty of tools out there to make your own website, but what really makes for a good design?  In this series, we’ll talk through our top five tips for focusing your design so you can have a website that you can be proud of.

The infamous 82-20 rule

Our second step to bringing focus into your web designs is to take cues from a guideline called the 80-20. Continuing from the purpose that we have found from part 1 of our series, you may be wondering, how can I focus on my message? Or how can I direct my message to the masses? There are no hard and fast rules to building an excellent web experience, but this guideline can definitely simplify and direct your designs message or purpose.

So what is this 80-20 rule? The saying goes, that 80% of your website’s value can be delivered within 20% of your website. In other words, we focus the users’s focus and attention towards a smaller section of the design and use the remaining portions of the website to help support this focus. Perhaps the purpose of your website is to help promote user subscriptions, or perhaps your website’s purpose is to lead users to the purchasing of your new app.  We can use a small section or a call to action to help deliver the message or purpose of the website to the user, thus delivering most of the “value” using only a small section of the design.

So revisit your designs and start directing!  Join us next week for part 3 of this series, where we’ll be talking about the necessities and putting your design on a diet!

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