Is Your Exhibitor Booth Giving Potential Customers Mixed Messages? Top Tips from the Show Floor – Part 3

Chef’s Selection, Not Buffet-Style

Conventions are exciting times, and for some of us, the only times we get to get out, interact with returning customers, try to hook potential clients and show off what we’ve been working on to everyone we know.  It’s easy, then, to fall into the trap of bringing samples of every little thing that we do to a trade show or a convention and putting it all on display, regardless of whether or not our audience will understand it.  The problem with that is that you end up confusing your potential clients because they won’t know exactly what you do, or their focus will get lost in the sea of posters that describe very different product lines.  It’s like being in line at a buffet: instead of being a really good sushi restaurant or pizza place, you offer up a lot of things at once, and people may get the impression that you don’t do any one thing very well at all.

Our advice?  Pick a cohesive message that you want to send, and then show off the best products or services you have or offer that speak to that message.  Two or three ought to do, and be sure they fit in with the theme of the show.  They don’t have to be literal either; just because you’re a finance firm going to a craft show doesn’t mean that you are doomed from the get go.  Showcase how you can help the seller with access to mobile processing or superior rates for financing the studio of their dreams.  Going to a car show?  Think of things in your product line that will either make the buy process smoother, or the ownership experience better.  Heading to a travel and tourism show?  Think about how your products or services can improve the act of travelling, or enhance the experience of being somewhere.  No matter what, remember that your real estate at a show is limited, so pick a message and send it!

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