Is Your Exhibitor Booth Sending the Right Message to Potential Customers? Top Tips from the Show Floor – Part 1

Welcome to our series on what makes a great exhibitor booth for a trade show, convention, or exhibition.  Join Christina in this first of four parts as she discusses our top tips to building your next exhibitor booth and attracting the customers you want.


It’s a well known fact that before we were a creative agency, we were exclusively an art firm, producing illustration and sculpture.  Our first show was the Calgary Expo, and though we have expanded our focus to become the People’s Creative Agency, we still have a soft spot for the event that welcomed us to the Calgary arts community so many years ago.  It’s now been five years since we started at the show, and while we still attend the Calgary Expo as exhibitors, these days our attendance is just as much about showing off our talents as artists as it is about testing out some new visual merchandizing methods.

Over the years, we’ve tried many different set ups for our booth, helped fellow artists with their arrangements, and gotten plenty of advice from other experienced exhibitors.  We’ve come up with a short list of our best advice for getting the most out of your booth, no matter where you are exhibiting.

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Planning can often be the difference between having a booth that looks polished and professional, and having a booth that looks like you put it together that morning.  Though most exhibitors do put their booths together the morning of the show, part of the polish is in the illusion that your booth magically transported itself from whatever movie set it came from so that it could be enjoyed by attendees before it disappears again.  

The only way to get that look is to make sure you have a plan.  From design to execution, planning out what your booth is going to look like and how you want people to experience your display should be an important aspect of your pre-show preparation.  Think about who your customer is, what they’ve already seen, and what they might gloss over at the show, and see how your display may be able to attract convention goers to come see what you are about.

Lastly, be sure to try executing your booth before the show if you can.  Having a bit of time to alter your display before hand or run out and get extra supplies will help ease any pre-show jitters you may have.  It also helps reduce the amount of stress that’s put on your team when they’re putting things together, especially if it’s a new design for your brand.

Need some help planning your next booth?  Contact us today for our expert advice on how to get started and join us next week for a look at our next tip: lighting.